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"Love Story" appeared in the Ukrainian market in 2007 as a small manufacture brand of wedding gowns. The idea of creation fashion house was very simple - to give people elegant beauty, without overloading the dress. Our task was to create a unique product with its own style, which satisfies the global wedding fashion trends.

Wedding dress is neither a casual wear nor even an evening attire, it is a hard work that requires skills, professionalism and a special approach. Through years of experience, permanent participation in exhibitions, special look - we became recognized and gained a reputation as a high-quality producer of stylish wedding dresses.

Our collections are represented in Europe and Asia. The market terms caused the creation of new trade marks, which have been united into Fashion Manufacture since 2015.

Our creative team do their work with great love and responsible. We always follow the forecasts of famous trend bureau so that keep one step ahead.

Choosing our dress, you can be sure that you will receive perfect cut and fit, nice fabric and unique design.

Working under the slogan "For those who see a difference" we interpret it not only as a motto, but also as our philosophy. Finding the golden mean, a measure of that divine beauty for every bride, we try to make her image accomplished.

Having come to our salons, you will appreciate our products, easily chose the main dress of your life, which is going to be fashionable, modern, comfortable and of a high quality.

We look forward to meeting you!